Champéry Film Festival 2018

Champéry Film Festival 2018

Over the past 4 years, the Champery Film Festival has become the not-to-be-missed pre-season event for pro and amateur mountaineers, nature lovers and extreme-sports fans. This year, we've got even more great stuff in store for you, with a whole extra day for conferences and bigger digs for your viewing comfort!

The basic concept will stay the same: 2 nights of premier films about the mountains with Friday night dedicated to exploration, travel & adventure, while Saturday night will showcase freeride skiing & snowboarding. Of course, there is also the yearly secondhand sale so you can get great bargains on name-brand winter sports clothes & equipment!

New for 2018

The Champery Film Festival will take place from November 9th to 11th, which means 3 whole days instead of two! This year will see the addition of an all-new Sunday afternoon film-conference session, featuring one of our most celebrated mountain guides Jean Troillet, who has summited 10 mountains over 8,000 metres... 

Other novelties this year: we're moving the whole kit and kaboodle to bigger digs in the Palladium multi-purpose gym. This will give the audience more leg room and provide space for an exhibition by Jérôme Tanon.

Over the weekend, you'll also find on site: activities for children (indoor climbing wall, introduction to ski & snowboard tricks on a trampoline), delicious food and bars!


Take advantage of early-bird rates on tickets up till 5 pm on November 8th! Regular price tickets will be on sale at the Palladium reception daily during the festival, when the doors open. New this year: a FESTIVAL PASS provides access for all 3 days, with a little present from Movement Skis included for the first 100 purchases!