Seli Ski resort

The National Ski Resort of Seli is located at Vermio mountain and is the first organized ski resort in the country. It started operating in 1934, where the 1st Greek alpine ski championship took place. The first lift was placed at the resort in 1955 and again in 1968, the technicians made it bigger so to reach the altitude of 1730 meters. In 1972 it was named National Ski Resort of Seli by the Royal decree and described as a national stadium. The resort has 11 lifts and 17 slopes of total length of 14 kilometers. The base lift starts at 1520m. and the top lift finishes at 1890 meters giving a vertical drop of approximately 400 meters. As for the ski pass rates, an adult day pass costs 15 euro during holidays and weekends, while on working days costs 10 euro. The price for a season pass is 120 euro. For more information on ski pass rates check HERE .

Seli 1

Useful telephone numbers: +30 23310 49226

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